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Parish Auction

Join us for a great day out at the Parish auction. 


Socialise with your neighbours and fellow Parishioners with Complimentary teas and coffees.

It is only through your enduring generosity that we can help maintain the Parish in a strong position so that it can continue to serve the community now and into the future. These buildings are a part of our community’s heritage and only through your financial support can ensure to keep them

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Venue and Time

Summerhill Hotel on the 14th of October

Viewing of auction items is between 11:30 and 14:30. 

Auction starts at 3pm.

All funds raised go directly to the maintenance and restoration of the churches in our Parish

Key Projects supported by this auction

  1. Upgrading of the sound system in St Mary's

  2. Upkeep and maintenance of the Parish Churches

  3. Damp proofing works in St Kevins, Glencree

  4. Restoration work on the Bell Tower in St Mary's Enniskerry​

  5. Repairs to the alter in St Patricks, Curtlestown

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